Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stop the clock.......

Pictured above is well known Sligo AC member Stevie Finnegan, Stevie has just won a very competitive 4 mile road race in Ballindine County Mayo, and for this we congratulate him, the funny thing about this is that it was a race with a difference, firstly the winner was not the first person across the finish line, the winner was the person who before the start while registering, predicted what time they would complete the race in, now you may think that that would be easy....but hold on I am not finished.... watches were not permitted, and there were no road markings to let you know how far you had ran and how far you had left, and as Stevie guessed his time to within 24 seconds, Stevie won the race, now the thing that all Stevie's running buddies in the 7:57 club will find amusing is that Stevie actually guessed his time so accurately due to the fact that Stevie is the Honorary owner of the prestigious Pink T-Shirt which is awarded to the person who turns up late for the 7:57 Saturday morning run, so once again Stevie Congratulations and I guess we will be seeing you bright and early on a Saturday morning now that you can tell the time...... :)

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