Monday, April 23, 2012

Enda Dineen - London 2012

While most of us were probably having a nice Sunday sleep in... Sligo AC’s Enda Dineen (53008) was toeing the line with 37,680 other runners getting ready to complete the 26.2 miles around the Streets of London. Not only did Enda plan his marathon training meticulously and carry it out to perfection he also dedicated a lot of time and effort to help raise funds for “Bone Cancer Research Trust” by completing the marathon. Enda ran London in the memory of a very special girl “Blaithnaid Foley” who he knew and his daughters were friends with growing up. From the moment Enda received and entry for London to run on the charities behalf he dedicated himself to a very tough training regime completing many a long mile on his own, made numerous personal sacrifices, which need to be made if you dedicate yourself to the marathon and got his just rewards shortly after 12pm Sunday morning. Although the marathon is done and dusted and the physical challenge is complete Sunday’s marathon will have a longer lasting legacy, as Endas efforts will not only have raised much needed funds to assist with Bone Marrow research but also raised awareness of the charity which can hopefully help others. From all in Sligo AC and from all Sligo runners we say a huge well done to Enda Dineen on adding another 26.2 miles to his running journey and I am sure after a well deserved rest Enda will be back on the roads planning for Dublin......

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