Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fit 4 Life Result's to date.

Fit4life results:

After four races the lead in the overall League is shared on 69 points by Gwynne Hodgins and Alan Healy with Michelle Mc Gloin just two ponts behind.
The reason for these three being clear is the huge time improvements they have shown over the four races.
With two races to go it will get tougher unless they can get more improvement or at least maintain their solid performances.
A look at most of the times shows the benefit of some hard races with good improvements all round.
The whole idea of the League is to improve fitness and for each individual to improve on their personal performances.

Next race is on 8th March at Riverside, It’s over a 1 mile route,
There will be 2 races the first is off at 6:30pm and the second at 6:45,
Registration at 6pm at the park across from the Doorly Park retail park.
Happy Running.

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