Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teddy Bear's Picnic......

If you go down to the woods this Saturday your in for a big surprise,
If you go down to the woods this Saturday you'll never believe your eyes,
For all the runners that ever there was are gathered there together because,
O'Connell has said get out of bed because the Pink T-Shirt is waiting for the Lazy head. The 7:57 club is heading for union wood Saturday morning and with 22 brave "Bears" last week expectations are high for increased numbers this week and all new comers are welcome as there are a number of pace groups available. The Irish aviation authority have been informed of the increased levels of high Viz clothing in the area and we are not expecting any air liners veering off course for the duration of the run. So see you there for the craic and banter provided by all on route.

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