Friday, August 5, 2011

Saturday Long Run

As of going to press still no conformation from the hierarchy in relation to the 7:57route for Saturdays Long Run, but fear not it will take place so just arrive on time at the complex for a return of the “Mystery Tour of Sligo”. These were common occurrences in the recent past when no routes were pre selected prior to the rendezvous at break of light at the complex. So as we all gathered double guessing the route our human GPS. Mr.Hunter would swan in, some say late but I believe he just arrived when he planned to, and after the last slug of coffee he’d hop out of the jeep and made the announcement “Carraroe, out the dual carriageway, into Union down by Toms, over Carnamoddagh, Holywell and back to the complex 15 miles” Sound.

Generally we all agreed nice route Trev, good 15 miles, but there’s always the “wan” “That’s not 15, its at least 16 and a half if not 17, I’m telling ya” “I’m not going into Union,” no names mentioned but he has a dog the size of a lion, with the strength of an Ox that would write of a car if it hit him.....

Yes the mystery tours were a joy to be on, in the early days some of us townies would get to carraroe roundabout and wonder what was beyond this point, we were stepping into the unknown once we went by the borough boundary stone, and we discovered parts of Sligo we never knew existed on the mystery tour, places like Ransboro, Drumishkabowel and Ballintogher come to mind. It was an education in itself on them Saturday morning runs.

But in recent times we have become more structured in our training and plan well in advance as was the case last week when we did the “Rosses Point Run”. Usual suspects were in attendance for the early morning roll call (see bookface evidence).
Burnsie provided the hard evidence that he is in full 26.2mile marathon mode, a box of gels in the back of the car “bargain”. Eamon Coyne turned up in a flashy new “sport vehicle”, no recession in the health board and Mel Casserly arrived with a brand spanking new pair of New Balance trainers...for David. Oh ya the brother “lost” one runner and Mel was unfortunate to be his size with a new pair straight from the box, so well done Mel. Don’t worry Mel you’ll get to wear your “new second hand runners” soon.

So ready for the off, wait Stevie just arriving late, not like him .......quick snap from Jimmy “O’Connell” Eccles for bookface, Mel takes the pink for the team and we’re off...

Not out the gate and the crying starts “Where’s the red mist, said he’d be here, I have gels for him.....” Anyway most did their 15 and a few hardy bucks went up to 18...myself and the chairman sauntered a leisurely 9.5 mile. Mickey provided the picnic after giving me biscuits “here take one of them “and sports drinks “here try that”, funny tablets (see the spaceships man) “here take them, here's a full packet” his generosity knows no bounds, I left the run full the run as the bingo bus.

So this Saturday just turn up at 7:57 and see where it takes us

P.S Congrats to Trevor Hunter on his first triathlon alo to other 7:57 club members Skinny McMorrow, Damien Kenneddy (relay)...

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