Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Run & Warriors....

We’re back with the Long Run details and here it as I have it form the chair “Lads 7.57 at the complex Saturday” that’s it. So this week ladies and gents it seems we’re not leaving the complex so anyone looking to do 14-16 miles, well..... that’s roughly 154-167 laps of the complex car park, water will be left at the bottle banks to be consumed after lap 83 and not before it and as always give way to oncoming traffic i.e. parents leaving kids off to swimming.

Ah no I’d say we’ll depart the complex and take a mystery tour yet again around the Sligo countryside, with the tour master Dineen setting the route. Talk will inevitably turn to the league across the pond and Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant and how Liverpool are going to win the league again this year but will be short lived as the chat will inevitably turn to the warriors run later in the day. This of course will be the second most significant run of the day, the 7:57 club long run being the most significant of course.

We will most likely lose one or two soldiers to the warriors but they’ll be back next week and to the hearty soles on day release form the 7:57 club god speed to ye brave sons may the wind be at yer back a and the sun in yer faces.
This is a killer run make no mistake about that but one of the most satisfying sense of achievements that you will get at the finish, with the first time marathon being the ultimate.

It’s a bit different not only as races go in relation to the route, there’s road, trail, cross country, uphill, downhill and round a Cairn on top of a mountain. But also with the kit bag. Usual culprits will be there singlet, short, socks and runners and towel, but add to this the warriors survival kit. Pain killers with ibuprofen (swelling you don’t even know you have yet), blister plasters for blister you haven’t got yet but will appear later, ice packs for the hamstring or quad strain you don’t know you have yet, plasters for the miscellaneous grazes that appear from nowhere that you ask yourself “how’d I get cut there”.

Yes it’s a bit different alright.

But even after all these precautions to soften up the body for the abuse you put it through in the hope that they will gain you brownie points your chassis will kick back, not immediately. So while you enjoy the after warriors glow of achievement and lap up the plaudits of on lookers “Well fair play to ya” deep down a master plan is being hatched. It will start with a slight tightness noticeable after getting up from a seated position , making your way to the little boys (or girls) room, followed by a sudden sharp pain in some part of the antomy, will be short but sharp.
That evening the “warriors” walk will speak volumes.
If you were to walk up to the bar staff ask them did they see your horse, and if they say no without batten eye lid then you’re a warrior alright. Stairs will be out for 2-3 days starting from Monday.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

To Seamie, Mel, Eamnon Coyne, Ross and Mark we salute ye.
Seamie “Oisin” Somers, they say is so young looking he comes from Tir Na Nog, could enter the kids race at half one, win it, and then run the seniors at three. Oisin only aged when he touched the earth but Seamie glides over the ground, his feet aren’t touching the earth long enough for it even to notice he’s there. A great run last year saw him finish 12th overall.

Mel Casserly goes to post and the organiser supreme is in great shape as proven out in the horseshoe where he not only showed great endurance over the hilly course but introduced us to his to his new friend “ kick finish” who came out to play in the final sprint in Gleniff. If any man can dig in its Mel and in the form he is in there is no reason he won’t improve on his 26th place finish of last year. Just hope he brings his own runners or will he need to borrow David’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eamonn Coyne will toe the warrior’s line on Saturday also, now Coyner we’ll have no Aikido on the mountain if someone tries to pass ya just play it cool son and get them on the way down. Eamon has clocked the miles over the last few weeks and is great nick to run a warriors personal best, and no doubt will enjoy a bevy or two after in the Strand; ya never know the entertainment might even throw in a Metallica tune or two just to round off a perfect day. Carpe Diem Baby.

Ross McGlynn will take his marks outside the surf school tomorrow, more accustomed to being in the hill “catching waves” in surf school the mountain will hold no fear for McGlynn as many a winter mountain run in Limerick will have made him race ready for the bump of Knocknarae. A 10th place finish (1hr 30 secs) in 2009 is beatable and maybe the sub 60 minutes will be achieved al gong well.

Last but by no means least is Mark “Coohcy” Burns, who’ll turn up in Strandhill ready to rumble, not literally, or maybe, no he won’t. If theirs any man (no offence to anyone else) you want to see run a good one its Burnsie and it’s a race that plays to his strengths, and that is his strength. His commitment to training is unquestionable spending more time on the roads than “catseyes” and has more miles in his legs than a car dealer’s showroom. The climbing may hurt but Marky can get through this and put in a good finish off the mountain should see him run a good one.

So apologies if I have left any of the club out and good luck to all who run this gruelling event.

To the Warriors we salute you one and all

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