Friday, July 15, 2011

7:57 Club Saturday Long Run

Going to try and notify athletes of the infamous 7:57 Clubs long weekend run from now on. For anyone thinking of joining this motley crew, well time to stop thinking about it and drag yourself out of the kot, don the vest and lace the runners and get yourself down to the sports complex for 7:57am.

Early starts are difficult but you will feel great after finishing your days run at 9or 10am and having the rest of the day free. Many of the lads are human GPS and reci the route so caters for runners looking to cover anything from 6 -20 miles. Pace is easy so you will not be left behind and refreshments are left on route.
This Saturdays we will be following the “Rosses Point Route”

Starting at the complex, over the back avenue, up the foot bridge, over by the hospital, clarion road, old Bundoran road, right after Abbotts, into Teesan, drop a right at end of road and out towards Rathcormac, left turning towards Rosses point 3rd beach, over by Cregg, left in Rosses point road up to bridge at Crozon, left down Pearse Road, over by Londis and back to complex.

Route is 14.5 miles, but if you want to run 5 mile or the full 14.5 or any distance in between the lads will inform you of turn off points all along the route to get your desired distance in.

Usually by the end of run we have solved the country’s economic crisis, resolved local political issues, tore to shreds decades of training theories replacing them with our own, re invented everything about sports nutrition “Yes it’s ok to have a fry the morning of the marathon and a few pints the night before”, gone through the history of Sligo Runners races and times, repetitively abused each other and our football teams and then at the end “sure we’ll do it again next Saturday”

p.s. After all that I will miss this weeks Long Run

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