Thursday, November 25, 2010

Open letter from Sligo AC's Secretary to Sligo Champion

Dear Editor,
Next Sunday the National Inter Counties Cross Country takes place in Derry ,one of the biggest events on the Athletics Calendar and won last year by Sligo native Mary Cullen. I understand Michael Carney (Nth Sligo AC) sent in information about this event but whether he did or not i would have assumed the event would have received some coverage. As such I looked forward to reading my Champion this week.
Page 91 recorded Junior Soccer victory v Roscommon and contract talks with Richie Ryan reported by M.Moran. Page 92 Article by Tommy Brehony re burnout and GAA Minor Board appointment reported by Leo Gray. Pages 93 and 94 GAA Notes. Page 95 Swimming, Boxing and Martial Arts. Page 96 Badminton, Handball and Gymnastics. Page 97 Rugby. Page 98 Golf. Page 99 and 100 Soccer and Junior/ Youth Soccer. Page 101 Article re Bit O Red by M.Moran. Page 102 Match Gavin Dykes selection v Sligo Rovers reported by M.Moran. Page 103 Sligo Rovers Triumph reported by Jim Gray. Page 104 Sligo Rovers sign new players reported by M.Moran.
It gives me no pleasure to keep highlighting your poor coverage of Athletics but i feel you have a responsibility to give equal coverage to all Sports. This email is going to almost 300 Athletics associates and let them decide if they wish to read the Champion. Yours in sport, Secretary Sligo AC.

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